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Dental veneers ? Glasgow based Cashel Daisley excel

At Cashel Daisley in Glasgow we  offer a same-day service for most clients.

Do you feel self conscious when you smile ? Maybe you put your hand over your mouth when you’re in company ? Are you lacking in confidence because of your appearance ?

Dr David Cashel has trained beside some of the worlds best-known cosmetic dentists, and in particular, the experience he had in America at The Rosenthal Institute has stood him in good stead  as he has treated thousands of patients since qualifying in 1993.

Over the years, David has performed hundreds of dental veneers procedures for satisfied clients, and with state of the art CEREC systems inhouse, we can transform your smile with porcelain veneers in one day !



Please read on as we address some of the more commonly asked questions :

What are veneers?

They are thin layers of  material bonded or fixed onto another material. In the case of dental veneers, a layer of dental porcelain or composite type material is bonded or glued to the surface of your existing teeth in order to enhance your smile. Sometimes they are referred to as fast or instant orthodontics as the outcome you can get from is aesthetically the same as you would get from wearing orthodontic braces for months.

What does the process involve?

Usually, if your dentist thinks you are suitable for treatment, then a typical process would be as follows: Firstly, having had a discussion , a shade or colour would be chosen which should match up with your existing teeth. A local anaesthetic is administered and your existing teeth are filed down minutely to give a rough surface which the veneer can adhere to. When we use the term “filed” here, we are talking about 1 mm of the existing enamel being removed. The dentist will then take a mould of your teeth and he may also place temporary coverings on your teeth. The mould is then sent off to a dental lab where a dental technician will manufacture the final restorations, this process usually taking around 2 weeks. When they are ready, they are placed over your existing teeth and your treatment will be complete. However that is the usual process. At Cashel Daisley, the vast majority of patients can have dental veneers fitted in a day as we have the in-house capability to manufacture them in a matter of a couple of hours.


So what can they be used for?

Veneers can close gaps in your teeth. They can restore the look of worn or chipped teeth.  They can lighten and whiten stained teeth permanently. They can also make overcrowded or hidden teeth appear beautifully aligned.

How much does the treatment cost ?

All our treatments are competitively priced. We want you to have the smile of your dreams and be able to afford it ! Cost of treatments varies patient by patient depending on the number and type of veneers placed.

We offer payment plans to cover the cost of all our treatments. You can spread the price of your treatment with regular monthly payments so that costs are affordable.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that you don’t actually need teeth veneers and less costly treatment may well be suitable for you. We can offer a variety of payment plans and options to suit most people, so why not give us a call on 0141 248 1966 to arrange a Free Consultation .

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